New project code analysis

Hello everybody,
I was assigned to a new project, and I was reading some code that they passed me they told me that I will be supported, how do you perform the code analysis when you are at the beginning of the project? do you have any advice?

Some things you can do as you study the code is to make plain text notes about your understanding of the code you will be working with, i.e., about the functionality (what the code does). Any documentation within the code is useful. Also, any existing documentation like design documents and user guide are useful - look for those. Also, making a list of things you don’t understand is useful - so that you can ask for help from your project team members for clarifications.

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Grazie mille per i tuoi consigli, si sta rivelando più difficile il lato umano che quello tecnico alla fine :sweat_smile:
Grazie per aver speso due minuti del tuo tempo per darmi questi consigli.

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Yes, the technical side is always solvable (well, you already have an idea about the human side, the difficult part !).