New RWD : It isn't made clear that a single element can have multiple classes

In step 16 of the colored markers project. It is only implied that you are adding another class to the element. I believe an explicit statement something along the lines of “An element can belong to multiple classes to finetune styling . Add the class one to the first div.” would make it clear that you are giving the element multiple classes.

I would say it more than implies it, it shows it explicitly:

<div class="exampleClass1 exampleClass2">

People should get good at reading code closely and reading documentation closely - that is going to be EXTREMELY important later on. And a lot of documentation is not written particularly well.

But I wouldn’t object to reiterating that in the text.

The update to the challenge was recent, have you seen latest version in which it shows it with an example? what do you think of that?

Yep, I’ve just noticed the example. But I believe that explicitly having it in text along with showing it in a code block is a good idea. Besides a passing statement on why we’re declaring multiple classes i.e., to make styling easier, would make learners understand what’s going on instead of them just blasting through the challenges and not really learning why we did it.

I do agree with this, but I always believe learning resources should be as clear as possible at least when introducing concepts. A lot of learners would be tired and short on time and energy with all they do with the rest of their lives. They’ll be encountering bad/vague documentation when they make their own projects anyway. At least learning should be smooth. Anyways this is my opinion as 19 y/o undergrad student at the starting phase of his developer journey.

You are welcome to open an issue or PR proposing your change :slight_smile:

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