User Story Question

Hey Y’all,

can anyone quickly explain why the example for the User Story landing page has each entry field in a div who’s class is assigned as “form-group.” Couldn’t you assign that class for the entire length of the form as opposed to doing for each entry question since its a class.

Thank you!

Please provide a link to the challenge.

The whole point of a class is that you can use it multiple times, and be specific as to which elements require it.
What happens when a child should not inherit a parent’s styles? You’d need to create yet another class for that particular child element.

If you set a class with a font size of 2.5 rem and applied it to a container div, all of its text element children <h1>, <p>, <cite>, and others would inherit that font size, rather than the only heading that needs to be 2.5rem. You’d have to create classes for every other text element to override it.