Project #2: Building a survey (Same widths on everything under form element)

Hello Campers,

I have noticed that all the requirements that project 2 specifies are inside “form” my issue with this is that if you create a class for form {} every single element will inherit the class I have created. What if I want to change the size of the i.e. submit button? (which is inside form) I tried to create an individual class and specify the class inline of the submit button and it did not work. The “form” class overrides it.

**Spoiler Alert: This code will pass all tests (I have not done the CSS part yet) **


  form {

    grid-gap: 5px;
    color: white;
    background-color: black;


  .background1 {

    background-color: black;

  h1 {



    <html class= "background1">
    <h1 id= "title">What is your favorite TV show?</h1>

    <p id= "description"> There are many TV shows in all kinds of platforms: HBO,
        Netflix, Hulu etc. Please answer the following questions.</p>

        <form id= "survey-form" action="/submit-TV-show">

            <label for= "name" id= "name-label">1- Enter your name: </label>
            <input id="name" type="text" name= "the name" placeholder="Name here" required><br>

            <label for= "email" id= "email-label">2- Enter your email: </label>
            <input id= "email" type= "email" name= "the email" placeholder= "Email here"required

            <label for= "age" id="number-label">3- Enter your age:</label>
            <input id= "number" type= "number" name="the age" min= "6" max="120" placeholder= "Age Here"required><br>

            <label for= "dropdown" id= "dropdown-label">Which is your favorite show?</label>
            <select id="dropdown">
              <option value= "1">Game of Thrones</option>
              <option value= "2">Breaking Bad</option>
              <option value= "3">Better Call Saul</option>
              <option value= "4">Money Heist</option>
              <option value= "5">Walking Dead</option>
              <option value= "6">Dexter</option>

            <label for="beginnig_radio" id=" ask_platform">What is your prefered show platform?</label>

            <label for='platform'><input id="netflix" type= "radio" name="Different_Platforms" value= "Netflix">Netflix</label>
            <label for='platform'><input id="hulu" type= "radio" name= "Different_Platforms" value= "Hulu">Hulu</label>

              <label for='platform'><input id="HBO" type= "radio" name="Different_Platforms" value= "HBO">HBO</label>
              <label for='platform'><input id="Amazon" type= "radio" name= "Different_Platforms" value= "Amazon">Amazon</label><br>

              <label for="beginnig_checkbox" id=" ask_device">What kind of device you use to stream your shows?</label>
              <label for="desktop"><input id="desktop" type="checkbox" name="device" value="Desktop"> Desktop</label>
              <label for="tablet"><input id="tablet" type="checkbox" name="device" value="Tablet"> Tablet</label>
              <label for="laptop"><input id="laptop" type="checkbox" name="device" value="Laptop"> Laptop</label>
              <label for="cellphone"><input id="cellphone" type="checkbox" name="device" value="Cellphone"> Cellphone</label><br>

    <textarea style= "height:30px;" rows="100" cols="250" placeholder= "Additional comments"></textarea><br>

    <button id= "submit" type="submit">Submit</button>






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