New to Javascript and programming am i too old to land a job and make a career out of it?

Hello everyone, so i have to say that i am a teacher and i got bored with my job burned out and i decided i wanted to do something that i enjoy, and i have to say i find programming/coding so fun, i finished html, css here on this site and now started with javascript and i am having a lot of fun !!! So can anyone please tell me that works with this language or works as a programmer, am i too old at 27 to learn, and get good at programming ? I am scared that i am too late to the game.

Thanks everyone !!!

Maybe had you been 80 there wouldn’t had been much more than your own satisfaction for a reward.
But 27!! You can get a job before 30 or a freelancing opportunity within a year.

I think it depends on what your purpose with coding is. But I can’t really see any impossible goals for someone who is 27…

I am 35 and a former teacher. I just got my first dev job a couple of months ago:

I got a job: From English Teacher to Front End Dev


300 answers to your question :wink: