Newbie learning with vision of building own website

Hi All,
I am after some advice please. I currently work in the private aviation industry and am looking to build a site which has 2 sides to it.

  1. Where service centres can log in and post their details and services offered.
  2. A customer side where you can log in and get details of said service centres.
    Obviously there will be other features on there too but that is the main fundamentals of the site.
    Basically my question is I would like to build it as a project while I learn but am unsure what coding/web developing skills I will need to learn to ensure a site that offers these features can be built. As I said I am very new to the tech industry and only experience is what I have had through FreeCode Camp.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Kind Regards

Dan Brown (not the author)

Just start working through the map on the site and you will learn most everything you will need to develop of full stack application (which is what you are wanting to develop). FCC teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end and also JavaScript coupled with Mongo DB and various external libraries for the back-end. Based on the limited information you have given us, you will learn what you need here. As you are working through the challenges, you will start to see how you can apply what you have learned to your project. Along the way, you will probably need to reach out to the forum with specific questions for certain parts of your project, but that is normal. Just enjoy the process of learning a new skill and have fun coding.

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Thank You very much for your reply Randell. As I say I am very new to all this so I assumed that would be the answer. Work through and apply what you will need. Exciting times. FCC is such a great website. I never thought someone like me could understand coding but this website really does make it possible. Thank you once again.