Newbie question about freecodecamp Algorithm and Data structure video

I have been following the freecodecamp video about algorithms and data structures. In the video the guy is using treehouse workspace and has started to enter code into the console starting with python - i linked_list. py.

I am following this using Pycharm but everytime the guy types in the console I don’t know where I put the Information.

I have tried it in the python code section on pycharm and also the terminal.

What am I doing wrong, am I writing it in the wrong place or does it need to be written differently ?

Can you please provide a link to the video and your current code?

Algorithms and Data Structures - Full Course for Beginners from Treehouse - YouTube about 2 hours and 35mins in.

Anything he is writing in the console. Where would I write that in pycharm?

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