Writing my own code , Data Structures and Algorithms?

Hello, dear Campers
please, I do not know where I can learn algorithms and data structures. I want a free resource
at least I have learned JavaScript for frontend on w3schools and have done some good exercises on FCC.
both have encouraged me a lot, but I dream to write my own code in any programming language. I have good knowledge of learning JavaScript from w3schools and FCC but I still can not write my first own code also I even cannot understand the code of others but I dream. I think that is because of not learning algorithms and data structures, or what is the reason? please, any help? any tips?
also, I saw resources about algorithms in python or other languages, but I do not know these yet. I only know javascript for frontend.
how can I understand and write my first code?
what should I do?
I am really so disappointed.

There are sites like codewars where you can try user generated algorithms.

A google search for “javascript algorithms” will yield a lot of sites. For specific famous algorithm, there are blogs and youtube videos explaining them.

Cracking the Coding Interview is a classic book.

There are also some meetups that specialize in algorithm interview problems.

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thanks for reply. :slight_smile: