Nginx Vs Apache which is better for cPanel Hosting?

what are differences between Nginx and Apache web servers and why cPanel doesn’t provide Nginx with their package and most of the third-party modules are not working properly for the same? At the time, these are two most popular and widely used OpenSource webserver software run 75% of websites and application on the web. So please explain which are better? and why?

“Better” is subjective.

What are your needs? What are you trying to achieve?

Something is only the best if it is the best for you in your circumstances.

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Nginx is used mainly as a reverse proxy, load balancer or http cache. It has a different usecase to Apache. You can host things on Nginx instead of Apache, but that’s unusual, more normally you host on Apache, put an Nginx server in front of that, and users hit the Nginx server instead of your app directly. You normally wouldn’t use it for cpanel-related things anyway, it’s mainly used for client-facing parts of applications. Normal usage is in addition to another server, not instead of another server. It isn’t a case of one being better, they’re apples and oranges.

EDIT: eg this forum I think is using Puma as the web server (Unicorn, another web server, is listed as a dependency as well, I’m not sure why both are there). Then it has Nginx in front of it.

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Well, ironically I just had to wait for the forum to come back online for about 15 mins…and was greeted with an Nginx ‘Bad Gateway’ message…so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Apache is better :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, I just got that as well :joy:

Nginx can be used as standalone web server or as reverse proxy.

With Cpanel, there are drop-in paid alternatives using Nginx, but maybe you can look at the free Nginx reverse proxy tools like Enginetron. I use myself Apache with Varnish and I am quite happy with this choice, although Varnish doesn´t support SSL yet.