Hosting React app on cPanel

Does anybody know if is it possible?, if so, how? I’ve read a bit on Google and what I’ve read so far is that it seems cPanel does not support Node.js apps.

I tried hosting a static app, but I don’t see anything on the browser.

afaik - Cpanel is pretty much only for the LAMP stack…Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

For node apps you need a service that uses a node stack such as Mean or Mern.

Heroku offers some basic services for free, and I’ve hear digital river is decently priced.

I’d shop around. Places I get a good deal on Lamp stack, I wouldn’t buy node from, they tend to be over priced.

Here’s a list I’ve been looking at:

Yeah I’ve hosted React apps on Heroku, was kinda hoping that I could host Node.js apps on cPanel as well because that’s the hosting service we use where I work. Guess I better get used to php soon then.