Hosting Help / Advise needed please!

So I created a REACT APP and I am using MongoDB Atlas to pull database information.


Where can I host it now??

I have a Cpanel shared hosting from Godaddy, but how do I connect to the database from MongoDB Atlas?

The people from Godaddy tell me that I need to go to private hosting, which is a big time amount of money just to have a MongoDB connection.

I asked the people from MongoDB and they just gave me general information such as make sure my IP is good.

I did a npm run build from my REACT APP and I uploaded the build files to public html in Godaddy, but the build files do not include anything from the backend. Where could I upload the backend folder and how can I make the connection?

I almost feel like throwing up. Got the REACT APP going with a cool MongoDB backend, and all Godaddy can tell me is that I need a few thousands of dollars. Gotta be a better way around it even if I have to host it else where.

Hi @Elindo !

Is this a practice project?

If so, you can use Heroku’s free tier to host your backend.
Their free tier works well, you just have to be aware the server won’t be running all of the time.
If your site is inactive for more than 30 minutes then the server will go to sleep which means the next time someone goes to your site it will take a few seconds for the server to wake up again.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you much for your feedback.
This is for a small business of 1 person.

Right now I am paying $17.00 a month in Godaddy for shared hosting, which I pretty much just using the hosting plus a few web address forwarding from Cpanel.

I suppose I could just create a wild card forwarding address for anybody visiting an xyz random web page and just forward them to my main page.

Then for the little web traffic I have I could even go for a free hosting, or something low price.

If the page loads within 1-2 seconds on the first visit, then I wouldn’t mind a free Heroku. If the page takes longer on load then I wouldn’t mind to pay a bit for the hosting.

Do you think Heroku would do OK? What do you think about Amazon? Or Google?

I really have no idea because this is the first time I am trying to host a REACT App and I was only familiar with Cpanel from Godaddy, which won’t work for REACT.

In my experience with personal projects, it takes usually 3-5 seconds.
You could look into their pricing and see if that fits into budget.

I would check on the pricing structure but I liked their free tier and didn’t have any complaints. If their paid tier works for your budget then it could work for your needs.

I personally haven’t messed around with amazon or google for web hosting, so I can’t really give any thoughts on that.

For your react app, you could host it for free using netlify.
It is pretty easy to setup and manage.
Then you can use go daddy to buy the domain and transfer it over to the netlify site.

Not sure if you are still seeking advice on this, but it looks like you’re in need of a VPS if you’re doing web applications, in which case check out Personally, I use cause I’m a tree-hugging type and I love their business model, even if their services are a bit dated.

Are you looking to deploy to a server for production? Or just for learning / personal stuff.