Building a Production Level Website

I am planning to build a production level website.

I don’t want to deploy it to heroku, because of heroku’s makes your apps “sleep”,
which increases their startup time by a large extent.

I have looked into some deployment solutions like openshift and bluehost.

But there are just so many options that I am completely confused.

Have you guys used any of them?

If so can you tell me how much would deploying a basic app (with MongoDB) cost per month, so that I can budget properly?

Hi Yasser,

I don’t know about openshift, bluehost or heroku, but in my previous organisation, we had our entire backend hosted in AWS.

Here’s a calculator they provide where you can get an estimate of the hosting price:

From the looks of it, I have calculated what you might need here:

It’s not compulsory to use AWS’s DynamoDB service, you could install MongoDB on the EC2 linux instance as well, but then you would need to have a higher instance in case the instance I’ve chosen isn’t able to cope up with the load.

You may also look to other hosting providers like Microsoft’s Azure if you want!

Hope this helps, and do let me know if you need any further help.

Best regards,
Kanad Godse

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Since this website is most likely going to be for Indian non profit organisations, they may find it a tad bit costly.

I’ll check out Microsoft Azure. Thank you for your reply though.

Well, then why don’t you look at shared Linux hosting, that should get you up and running on the cheap!

There seem to be many. Though I haven’t used any myself so I wouldn’t know what works on a nodeJS and MongoDB platform since most would naturally be configured for PHP+MySQL.

Good luck with your work!

I’m a bluehost customer for several years. Hosting business and econmerce sites on their servers. What do you want to know?

How much would a very simple node deployment cost me per month (with and without database) ? (I’ll use mlab for database initially which is free upto a limit.)

What about They have a VPN for $2.5/month.

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You might want to check these VPS companies.

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You can try digital ocean, they’ve got some good tutorials on how to set up node and mongo on a droplet. They recommend having a droplet for each which would cost 10 USD a month, but you can put them on the same droplet and halve the cost.

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firebase ftw, you should check it out


You can also try with for your web hosting and domain registration needs. However, I have registered and hosted my company cloud Packers with hostindia only.
Very low price with less renewal charges.

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I use Scaleway. It has a 3$/month VPS where you could deploy anything. It also has a lot of images for several configurations.

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Nice, But I have a very small budget so I prefer

digital ocean. cheap, reliable, simple. Linode performs better but the UX is …not good. Heroku is very easy to deploy and manage but scaling is expensive af.

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