NodeJS Deployment

Hi, I’m a beginner on web development and I decided to pursue NodeJS as backend development.

As of the moment I’m almost done with the tutorial I’m currently in, then it occur to me does deploying NodeJS website more expensive than PHP base website?

I mean NodeJS itself does not contain database and email and to do that I either need to use.

  1. Cloudmailin / Mailgun - for emails
  2. mLab - for databases

and those two are expensive and limited in storage unlike in PHP where if you subscribes in a hosting company emails and database are already unlimited not to mention far more cheaper.

I need guide from experience NodeJS Developers on how to they tackle cost on deploying NodeJS websites.

mLab basic plan is free.
For sending emails you could use nodemailer with gmail and this would also be free.

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I use mLab for the databases and heroku to deploy the server.

You can use some of the lower-cost resources on AWS free for a year when you first create an account. You could deploy your app on ElasticBeanstalk and run your database on RDS (or use Dynamo if you want a NoSQL database).