Best Hosting To Support Databases and Node.js

Hey all, I’m trying to host my database and Node.js server somewhere that’s affordable, relatively easy to use and understand, and will support full stack technologies.

Anyone with any experience with this is greatly appreciated!

I’ve used Digital Ocean and Vultr’s VPS, both are great. I currently have Vultr’s active account which I use.

But the setting up the environment is cumbersome. They both have one-click installers for nodejs environment, but then you don’t get to use your own config if you need to.

If you use a managed/cloud service like Heroku/AWS/Google Cloud/Azure, you will be able focus on the app, not the infrastructure itself. (It’s a better option IMO)

But if you can manage the infrastructure and have the time to do so, i.e installing databases and wiring things up yourself, then go ahead with either of one, Digital Ocean, or Vultr.

If you plan to use Vultr, let me know I can give you my referral link, from which you will receive $50 worth of credits (after you spend $10 I believe). And I also get $25 worth of credits if you ever use their service, win-win!

What is the approximate monthly cost you run into based on your needs and what plan are you currently on with Vultr? Also, was there a guide you followed that helped in the setup?

It’s not a production environment at the moment. I just use it for testing things, apis etc.
I’m only using $3.50/month plan, because, I don’t need any more resources, as there’s no traffic.

For the setup, I followed this:

I will tell you that again, its a pain! At least for me.

If you’re only starting out, and won’t be having much traffic, I would strongly suggest looking into Netlify, and, they both have free tiers and working with them is a breeze. (These are cloud services btw, like Heroku)