Set up your own server

Hi guys,

I am wondering if someone could give me a little advice on how I could go through the process of buying/setting up my own server?

I own a domain and I have hosting from hostgator for around 2 years, works fine, the problem is that I can’t use nodejs on it, it only works for php. I’ve emailed them and they said that it’s not possible to change it to nodejs :thinking:

Anyway, any advices on resources would be highly appreciated.

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I dont know anything about PHP, nor do I want to.
With that cheapshot at PHP out of the way, AFAIK, IF you own the domain name, you can take it anywhere you want. Digital Ocean for example, lets you configure your server yourself from scratch, all the way down to securing it. You can run whatever you want on it, Node.js, Apache, etc, or go with PHP/LAMP stack.

Hopefully your able to figure something else out if you indeed do not want to move away from your current host.

Good luck

If it isn’t for professional use, Heroku is a great option for NodeJS.

I want for professional use. :smiley:

I think Heroku is known to scale very well for professional use - obviously I’ve never confirmed that, as I’m just a rookie hack :slight_smile:

Yes, I thought so as well, but for non professional use it is free :slight_smile:, and not sure if they are cheap for professional use.

EDIT: here is the pricing: