Good Web Host that supports Node.js, MySQL scheduler, reasonably priced, easy to use, good support?

I currently have Site5 but they do not support using scheduler in the hosted phpmyadmin. They also don’t support Node.js. Am I right in thinking that I would need some type of Dedicated hosting to use Node.js? Also what else should I look for in a host? What is required for Meteor support? Some hosts I’ve looked into are: DreamHost, Digital Ocean, Heroku, and Godaddy. I like the idea and ease of use of shared hosting as well as the price. I also like idea of unlimited bandwidth and storage which I noticed a lot of the Dedicated/VPS options are limited. I would like to hear people’s thoughts and opinions on this. I need many of the standard features like: PHP, MySQL, unlimited subdomains.
Thank you.

Hi @gitchrisadams,

If you know some German i can recommend delta networks for Virtual Servers. It has reasonable Pricing and a “fair use” traffic flat.


No I don’t know German but if my search for a host gets too frustrating, maybe I’ll learn a little German :slight_smile: lol. But Thank you!