[php or NodeJS] Which is the best method to start with a low budget for a web app?

I understand that learning Node JS or JavaScript is one of the best paths for a Web Developer.
However, when I want to host NodeJS apps I should use a Cloud or VPS solution.
From one of the courses I did, one of the suggestions was to go for Cloud hosting such as Google Cloud, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, they require payment and I have limits like first 1000 requests are 10 euro per month, after that another 5 euro per 2000 requests, additional payment for SSL certificates
(where I can create my own). (I don’t remember the prices, but I cannot even pay 1 euro per month at the moment)

on the other hand, I already have a hosting account where I can host my web pages with PHP and there no limits in them, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data (on shared hosting) and I already pay for that.

What I want to ask is this:
Because I really have a very low low low budget (I am unemployed at the moment, NOT looking for work), is there any way where I can host a web app for free if I use Node JS or should I go for php?

The reason I am concerned with the limits is because I want to do a real life web app project where I will:
create my own CSS styles, responsive, connect with Database, Use SEO techniques, use Social Media techniques, Google Ads, make it cross platform with React JS

and I expect to pull many people in my project and that’s why I refrain or I am concerned about using Cloud Hosting or VPS because now at the moment I do not have a budget.

Well if it fails, at least I’ll have more experience as a developer.

PHP is a low budget framework for creating website. It is also very easy to learn. NodeJS is quite big and you need few months time to learn it.

Why not just Deploy your Node.js application on Heroku it doesn’t cost anything.

A lot of free options out there.

github pages, netlify, heroku, firebase, etc…