Night Mode doesn't work

I saw that there’s a possibility to toggle a night mode on
When I click the night mode button the background is getting dark as expected.
The problem is, that it doesn’t store the setting.
When I reload the page, nightmode is disabled again…

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Hey,u can download f.lux software and use it,if u don’t mind. :slight_smile:

It’s not because of my eyes in the night, I just prefer darker designs in general, also during the day :wink:

Are you maybe using Incognito Mode or an extension designed to prevent tracking?

No, I’m not in incognito mode, but I use tracking protection.
But even if I disable the tracker- and ad-blocker it doesn’t make a difference…
Still the same problem

My best guess is that there is something in your browser/browser settings that is either not allowing FCC to write to your local storage or is clearing it. You can create a GitHub Issue with detailed information (especially browser information) to see if a team member can reproduce and address it.