Where do I post tech issues for this forum?

I noticed night theme doesn’t appear to be working, and spent about 10 mins or so trying to hunt down where I should submit an issue. This is on google chrome on a mac book pro. This is what night theme looks like on my computer, which background with (gasp!) gray text…

I wonder if you have other browser extensions installed that may be ruining the display in this case?

If you don’t see any extensions enabled in your browser and this still happens you can report the issue on GitHub (instructions below)

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

In this particular case, I’m pretty sure that either a browser extension or a system setting is impacting your browser display.

Generally, when you have questions or concerns about freeCodeCamp platforms, you can post in the freeCodeCamp Support subforum or create a GitHub issue in the correct location. For some of our platforms (like this forum) we are using software we didn’t write. The forum is a Discourse instance, so sometimes a bug might need to be opened for Discourse to address.

Thank you for the response! It’s definitely not a browser extension in this case, as it is happening in multiple browsers, but I do have dark mode turned on on my computer (of course) so maybe that’s part of it? I will post it in the correct place when I find it.

Can you turn off the dark mode temporarily to test? would be good to identify he cause for the fCC maintainers to determine what can be done.

Looks more like the CSS isn’t getting loaded. Did you try doing a hard refresh?

If you open the network tab and check the “Disable cache” checkbox then switch the theme it should reload the page and download the assets. See if any of the files are getting blocked or fail to download.

Depending on where your “dark mode” is coming from, that could be the problem. Anything that changes the color of web pages is altering the CSS. freeCodeCamp has a “night mode” built into it, so you can choose the color palette without using third party tools.

Well it is fixed now! Thank to you everyone who replied! All helpful answers, though none of them were the cause.

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