The freeCodeCamp website is currently very slow on Chrome. Anyone else facing this problem or know what to solve this?

Don’t see such a problem with other websites I have open. Chrome is a resource hog, especially with my habit of dozens if not hundred+ tabs open, but I have enough RAM too.

It’s stuttering a lot.

I will try this on firefox now, but Chrome is my main browser, unfortunately. Any idea what can be done or whom to report this to?

I guess if and when I am skilled enough, I could contribute back to the website and avoid such issues for others :smiley:

Updating: Firefox seems to have that running fine. I am on this section -

Noticing other issues as well. On Firefox tested with the regular mode, but on Chrome I have night mode on. But for some reason, on Chrome, I am not able to turn off night mode. I click on it under settings, and for the settings page it changes back to normal (light) mode. But as soon as I go back to the content or even refresh the page, it reverts to night mode.

Would like to know where I can report these issues! Thank you.

Please create a detailed GitHub Issue. I am currently using Chrome 63.0 and I just went through a couple challenges (including that one) without issues and was able to toggle Night Mode on and off. As an uninformed stab in the dark, it sounds like FCC is having trouble writing to your browser’s local storage quickly (possibly because of the number of active tabs?).

Thanks! Will post there. I have the latest Chrome version/built (64.something) so dunno if that could be related. But will create an issue on github.

Shouldn’t. I just tried to repeat your problem with Chrome 66 and 30+ tabs open and it worked flawlessly.