Browser Tab Freezes All the Time

Hello there!
I’m Tony!

Last year I started coding here on FreeCodeCamp.
And as far as I remember, I don’t recall having any issues with my browser freezing before this much (I use Chrome, btw). For every line of code I enter, 5 or more minutes I have to wait until the FreeCodeCamp tab returns back to life.

Are you too having this kind of issue?
What browser do you use?
Do you know something I could do to end this issue I’m having?

I’m not having this problem in the browsers I use (I use both Chrome and Firefox). Have you tried a different browser? How many other tabs do you have open? Do you have a relatively new computer with enough RAM? Are you running other applications on your computer at the same time that might be making it slow?

There are so many different things that could be causing this issue that it’s hard to give you a good answer. But definitely I would start by trying a new browser.

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