When coding, webpage constantly freezes, sometimes crashing and wiping progress

This has happened for most of my times here at FCC and it wasn’t much of an issue since most of the earlier challenges required only a few lines of code so even if my progress was wiped, I could pretty easily reconstruct what was going on, but I just had most of progress wiped doing one of the Javascript projects and needless to say I was pretty annoyed… Anyways, it would be nice to know if there was a fix or something going on? It makes using the site really frustrating

I use the latest version of Chrome and I use windows 10.

This is completely perplexing for me. Are you using any browser extensions? Could you try running through a scenario where you saw a crash in an Incognito window with all your extensions disabled?

Okay I’ll try that and get back to you. Gunna try it on incognito with no extensions for awhile and see how it goes