The page is always crashing


what challenge are you on?
can you share what code you have written?

if the page keep crashingg when you reload, try clearing browser cache and local storage

In JavaScript Regular Expressions

can you be more specific? there are 31 challenges in that section

can you also provide the other infos?

I just clicked the run the tests button

when do you experience a crash? what happens?

My browser Froze and ctrl+alt+delete is not working even ctrl+alt+esc is also not working. I can’t even close my browser

can you open the browser console and run the tests and report any error that appear?

The page was closed so I can’t open the console

I can’t reproduce the issue

can you update your browser, and clean browser cache?

It showing It is up-to-date

I even cleared the browser’s cache

does the crashing keep happening?

It’s Happening randomly

Now I found 404 errors
Screenshot (43)

All of those errors are normal, and no reason for this to crash.

Did you mean those 404 errors are not the cause. Then what could be the cause?

Unfortunately, I cannot think of why this might be happening beyond something very secific in your setup.

What do you mean by that @Sky020

Well, any number of issues could be happening:

  • To little memory to work on freeCodeCamp
  • To much happening in the background on your PC (CPU is too busy)
  • Any number of settings changed on either your PC env, or your browser

The thing is, we are unable to debug this stuff from here. So, here are some tips:

  • Open your task manager, as you try to complete the curriculum (see what is doing what)
  • Close all unnecessary programs as you work on the curriculum
  • Try to see if another browser helps
  • See if there is a windows update you can go to

Hope this clarifies