Site Keeps Crashing

Hi, not sure what is going on but as of a couple days ago the site has started crashing for me semi-frequently. I do not seem to have problems on any other website so I am unsure why this is happening. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting the issue, and sorry to hear you are facing troubles with our website. Could you provide some additional context?

  • What do you mean by crashing?
    • What are you doing when the website crashes?
  • Do you see any errors in the browser console?
  • What browser (and version) and operating system do you use?

I am just coding and doing the lessons and it will crash as I try to run the compiler.

The error

I use Brave Browser and Windows 10.

Are you working on the JavaScript lessons? Or possibly the React lessons?

The STATUS_BREAKPOINT error code comes from CPU usage, which we usually see in instances where campers have written an infinite loop or infinite recursion and the built-in protections didn’t catch it.

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I am working on Javascript, yes. And I am working on loops. Good catch!

So I guess that explains it. I’ll have to be more careful.

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