Nikola Tesla Tribute Page

Hey everyone, I’ve been participating with FCC for about two weeks and I love it so far. I just finished my first project, It’s a tribute page about Nikola Tesla.

I would love to get feedback from the community on how to make this page better! Thanks in advance!

I think this page is great, especially for only two weeks and your first project!! I like that you brought in a different font, the layout, visual, and design is pretty good overall. The entire timeline section is slightly off center, maybe just bring it over to the left a little. I LOVE the gradient, I haven’t even tried/experimented with that. The color is a little “bright.” you have such nice colors for everything else, and they’re a little more neutral than the purple. I like the pop, but maybe a different shade of purple. I’m very impressed though, and think you have started off as a wonderful coder!

Thank you so much for the feedback, and you’re right that purple does stand out quite a bit…

I’ll fix this up tomorrow morning.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: