No mention of jsonp, mixed content, console errors etc. in the curriculum

I had been trying to build the random quote machine and the weather app for the last three days. But nothing worked, even though I thought I did everything right. Now, after frustrating three days, I got to know about jsonp, mixed content, and how to find out errors using console.

If these small things had been mentioned even briefly in the curriculum, it would save me three days. Also, the projects mention “use whichever libraries you want”. Am I supposed to learn about libraries (some people have used angular for these apps) in parallel?

FCC is very self-learning oriented. The idea is that the lessons give you the very basics and then when you do the challenges, you have to go do the research for yourself. This may seen counter-intuitive, but realistically, when you do web development there are so many aspects to be learned that they really couldn’t fit them all into one curriculum.

I do think that debugging should have been mentioned earlier ( I believe there is a section about using the console, in the “preparing for the backend” section) since it is probably the thing that you will use the most throughout your web development career. I think that it’s probably assumed that you will see console.log() statements when googling problems, and try to figure out what to do.

That’s why FCC is self-paced. The idea is that if there is something that is giving you trouble, you should spend some time researching that issue. The forums should be your first port of call though, there will always be people having the same issues as you, and you can usually find a solution fairly quickly.

The really important thing is to stay curious! If you see a word, term, framework, library, protocol etc. that you don’t understand, Google it! FCC will still be here when you get back.


Don’t read anything into people using front end frameworks. Lots of us go back and refactor our early projects when we have a better idea how to do them. Don’t panic that all the other beginners are using React or some other thing - they almost certainly ain’t :slight_smile:


thanks @JavaTheNutt and @JacksonBates