No progress in the FreeCodeCamp site


I’m really angry because in the new FreeCodeCamp I need to do for example “HTML Basics”. Furthermore I can’t save any progress. I done every task which I needed and in “Curriculum” there is no progress. WHY?

at least you can login…

Yes, but I don’t think it’s a reason to be happy… I can login, but I can’t do anything :-1:

i cant even login… … !

Have you tried to sign in with your e-mail adress or you have problem because of failing GitHub integration?

yes, tried with my email and with the code that is sent to me. i keep getting “Oops, something went wrong!” message

Ok! The problem with no progress is also on GitHub but I didn’t found any solution:

I hope the FreeCodeCamp team will do their best to solve it!

@denaligee have you tried in any other browser or computer? :slight_smile:

yep, tried firefox, chrome and edge