Node JS stumped on lesson 6 [Solved]

I have been pair programming to try to completed the NodeJS lessons and his code passes and mine does not:
Code is the same.

bizzel:~/workspace $ learnyounode verify program.js
{ [Error: ENOTDIR: not a directory, scandir ‘/tmp/_learnyounode_3948.txt’]
errno: -20,
code: ‘ENOTDIR’,
syscall: ‘scandir’,
path: ‘/tmp/_learnyounode_3948.txt’ }

Your submission results compared to the expected:

             ACTUAL                                 EXPECTED                

“” != “23”

✗ Submission results did not match expected!

var readdir = require("./readdir");
readdir(process.argv[2],process.argv[3], function(err, fileList){
    if (err) return console.error(err);
    var count = 0;
    fileList.forEach(function(file) { count++ });
     return (count);



var fs = require("fs");
     var path = require('path');

module.exports = function(dir, filterstr, callbk) {
    fs.readdir(dir, function(err, fileList){
        if (err) return callbk(err);

        var filteredAry = fileList.filter(filterByExtn);
        callbk(null, filteredAry);

    function filterByExtn(fName) {
        if (fName == undefined)  return false;
        if (fName.indexOf('.') === -1) { 
            return false; 
        } else {
            return path.extname(fName) === '.' + filterstr;

My fault. I did not initialise the lesson by going into “learnyounode”.

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Probably because I left it and came back to it. A warning to others!