Node modules folder not showing. Any one knows why?

Hey, campers. :wave:
First of all, I would really appreciate the campers on here who are constantly trying their best to answer our questions . We see you guys and we really appreciate you. :pray:

Back to my question.

So, I’m currently learning node js (Proud of how far I’ve come though :smiley:) and to an extent, I’m understanding the concepts. Now I want to start experimenting with what I’ve learnt but on my local machine .
So, here’s my problem.

I’ve downloaded and installed node and it is evident in this screenshot( I use Windows OS)

Now, I created a working folder “HELLO WORLD” and used the
npm init to create the ‘package.json file’ as shown here

I went futher to install ‘Express.js’ with the npm install express --save but it doesn’t reflect in my ‘package.json’ file.
Even when I run npm install to include the ‘node_modules’ folder, it replies with

changed 1 package, and  audited 3 packages in 3s

found 0 vulnerabilities

but still doesn’t include the node_modules folder :point_down:

I have tried using npm init but to no avail. It syill doesn’t show the node_modules. I’ve checked all over stackoverflow too :laughing:. I really need help

Does anyone have an idea how to reflect the ‘express’ package on my package.json file?
Does anyone also know how I can include the node_modules folder?

Thanks for the reply. Here’s what I see
Nothing else

ls -la doesn’t seem to work on powershell and so, I tried it with bash

Oh boy!!.
That’s a lot of files and folders I got back

It tried to zoom it down so you could see all the files and folders; cos it’s so long


No such file or directory 

This was its response

I’ve done it.
It still showed the same thing .
After I installed express with bash in vscode, it still doesn’t reflect in package.json file.
Even when i ran ls -al, i still couldn’t find the express folder

It showed me

changed 57 packages, and audited 58 packages in 10s

7 packages are looking for funding 
run "npm fund" for details

found 0 vulnerabilities
/c/Users/22963/desktop/hello world

This is the result

Here it is.
I’m using git bash to run the command

No, I’m not using WSL
After I ran npm install express, it still doesn’t reflect on my package.json file on vscode


All the solutions you’ve given doesn’t seem to work for me.
After I deleted the package.json , ran npm init and ls -a. This is what I saw

Then, when i ran npm install express --save and then ran ls -a again, This is what I got but it still didn’t show a node_modules folder in my vscode

But I noticed that if I navigate to

This Pc/Local Disk(C:)/Program Files/nodejs

I can see a node_modules folder. Why’s this so?
Here’s a screenshot.

Thank you so so much RandelDawson :pray:. Although, the solutions you gave didn’t seem to work for me, I just appreciate the fact that you seemed interested in whatsoever question I was asking.
I finally got my problem resolved; what I did was to delete the node and npm folder and its contents on my system file. I then reinstalled node but this time I changed the destination path to be


instead of

My PC\ Local Disk(C:)\Program Files

I hope this helps someone in the future :smiley:

Thank you so much for this, I had the exact same problem and your solution worked.
Thank you once again.

I have problem like you , it doesn’t appear node modules, but when i’m changed directory as you’ve recommend C:\User\AppData\Roaming , it my pc , it doesn’t have directory , so what should i do

Yeah, it’s not working for me too. I changed my directory of the installation and reinstalled it, but nothing seems to work.

for me above solution didn’t worked.
i install Node.js to


but still node_modules folder missing from my project folder.

For me following changes worked.

Run following command to find the .npmrc file

npm config list

then open file name called “.npmrc”
change “location=global” to “location=project” and save the file.




I hope this would help someone :grinning: