Nodejs Proxy Server

Hello Developers, I am trying to visit several websites using puppeteer. But sometimes some sites block puppeteers. So I am thinking to build a proxy server in a 3rd party VPS server and connect it with my puppeteer browser.I am looking for some suggestions on how can I build it. I googled it but got confused.

This is a good idea, because, most likely, your previous proxy server was blocked and therefore you need to create a new one to get where you need to. I hope this idea will work and you will succeed.

Hey! Building a proxy server on a 3rd party VPS is a smart move to bypass blocks with puppeteer. Use a reputable VPS provider. Check with your ISP if they have any proxy servers you could use. NodeJS is a good tool to build the server. Check out packages like http-proxy, http-proxy-middleware, http-proxy-agent, “proxy-chain” & “puppeteer-proxy” for building the server. Remember to reach out to the community for help. Good luck, and keep us updated. LMK if there are any questions left.

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