noSQL data (Yes or No? please explain.)

We will discuss storing binary data with Cloud Storage, relational data with Cloud SQL or Spanner and noSQL or unstructured data using Firestore and Bigtable.

Can noSQL or unstructured data be translated as unstructured noSQL data?

Some one translated so.

Thanks in advance!

I think I might need to detail the project you guys are working on to give an accurate answer.
However, there are some points you can keep in mind when deciding between relational (almost the same as saying SQL) and non-relational (almost the same as saying NoSQL) data management systems.

  • Why do you want to go NoSQL ? is it only because of some modern, cool technologies like MongoDB, Firestore or is it because the current system using a relational database is failing at something.

  • How big is your project and who is going to use it? If it’s small-sized project for a start-up then you can easily use NoSQL. But if the project is for a big agency like a Bank, or a big company eventually you’d need to use some transactions or have some complex relations between your data and these two are easily achievable with a relational database.

  • How much data you have and do you picture any specific relationship between your data point in the future? If it’s very very large amount of data that for retrieving information you would have to spend so much time then NoSQL might be a good option.

  • Is your binary data going to be all in JSON ? or it’s truly binary?

  • Does your project plans on going to be serverless sometime in the future?

if you can answer these yourself and find them out the decision could be more clear.
Good Luck :call_me_hand:

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