Not accepting glitch solution

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I am doing the first task in Managing package in NPM, and submitting the solution link for

Add your name as the author of the project in the package.json file.

is not been accepted , i have tried all possible links from the glitch site
pls help

Are you sure you are using the correct url? The url required is the one after showing your app in new window. Obtained by clicking Show(Found at the upper left) followed by In a New Window. Your app will open in a new window. Copy that url.

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yeah, i have tried that, still doesnt work

// running tests
package.json should have a valid “author” key (Test timed out)
// tests completed

same error all the time, i have tried writing it both ways
ie keeping only author key in the json
or adding author key to the existing default layout of package.json

What about This instruction. Have you followed it? It is one of the causes of such problems.

yeah followed all those

Then probably post a link to your project here.

nvm i got it, copying the server.js file from github added a copywrite line at the bottom which was causing the error,

Sorry My bad