Not Grasping Material

Not Grasping Material
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So I am a beginner in coding and heard good things about FCC. I am a few lessons into Basic Algorithm Scripting but I feel like I’m not grasping the material, I’m not just talking about Algorithm section I’m talking almost everything so far. When I come across the mini challengers and projects I find myself having NO CLUE where to even start and then when I see the solutions its like I have no idea how they came it there. I can follow the solution and kinda grasp had A leads to B and interacts C, but find myself frustrated as I would have never gotten there on my own. At this rate I feel like I’m going to complete the Front End Development Cert and have no ideal how to do any actual front end development beside making a H1 heading

I’m so lost!!

I think FCC is a great program that I want to come back to and finish but I think I need to take a break and get a better foundation of the basics first before coming back. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY QUESTION… what is a good site, or book that will really help me get a solid foundation of the basics?? preferably something hands on that allows me to practice as I learn. FCC had this in beginning with the silly cat app but seeing that in action change as I adjusted the code really helped bring it together.

Thanks for bearing with my in this long message. Any help would be appreciated!!


I have never found a (free) site that is anywhere near as good as FCC.


That seemed to be the general consensus when I was first starting to look at programs. I think that I need to restart all the way back to bootstrap and retake the lessons again. The thought of starting over kinda sucks but what good is moving on if you have no clue what you’re doing, and maybe this time things will click.

Thanks for the reply


I strongly strongly recommend that you don’t look at solutions this time. If you get stuck, ask people for help. Every day there is someone on this forum talking about how they have been “solving” the problems by looking at the solutions and then find themselves unable to do any of the projects. New programmers need to practice the process of getting to a solution, rather than reading a solution.



she recommends as a good resource for html/css

work through this alongside fCC:

goto the FAQ’s and look at the resources to explore. read tons. tons and tons. do practice problems. tons and tons. keep at it, tons and tons of times.

I also found this course of value when I was starting out:


What I think is that you are doing this a bit fast …

Like completing all the basic challenges ( the coding part) like the challenges in a day and focusing mainly on projects .
Trust me I went on a bootcamp for fullstack developement and I realized that FCC has a very nice material, However, not in a great order .
Also , It doesn’t give the exact grasp of things .
Being a web developer , you have to be good at googling and getting required answers from stackoverflow .
As for the books and materials : You are on your own (For HTML and CSS) play with the web
for js “FCC” is by far best for algorithms
As for the DOM manipulation The important part do use the console of mozilla or google chrome to understand things easily
google Js30 by wesBos and do each challenge for a day . (You are going to be a master in JS after 30 days) ( its for free) .
In the end … All I wanna say is take it easy . There is no need for rush . Web D is most easy thing you’d encounter if you just take slight interest.
Go explore code pen . see things that WebGl or three.js can do . Be regular but not a race car .
I hope this helps .



I’m gonna restart FCC with some of these other tools you mentioned.


awesome advice and believe me I will be taking all of it