Not passing: "select field with an id of dropdown"

    <select id="dropdown" class="input">
      <option disabled selected value>Choose an option</option>
      <option value="facebook">Facebook</option>
      <option value="google">Google</option>
      <option value="friend">Friend</option>
      <option value="other">Other</option>

I’m not even close to understanding what I’m doing wrong here.

Can you post a link to the question in the test :smiley:

Survey Form: Build a Survey Form |

Have you tried just removing the disabled option?
Actually here, lemme do this… When I did mine, this is all I did.

          <select id="dropdown">
              <option>Do not wish to answer</option>

I did not add any styling or anything outside of what the question asked for, as such, I’m not sure if doing so will cause it to fail or not. Like adding a name for the select element, that may also be causing it to fail. I avoided testing the waters with the project to avoid this. It didn’t ask for styling so even though I included the link rel and all of that, I opted from adding anything extra into the project to avoid having difficulty in pinpointing errors with the coding.

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This may or may not help you on this, but what I did for the project was literally complete one requirement at a time and then hit ctrl+enter until the coding was accepted fully. I did not progress by anything unless what it was asking me for, was accepted and adjusted the code accordingly. I’m not sure if you did that or not, but that is how I tackled that project. This part of the project gave me a fit if I recall correctly but if you are running into errors that you can’t seem to fix, copy and paste what you do have done onto notepad or something similar outside of the browser, and then add lines of code back in through copy and pasting until you hit the error wall and then remove/change your code until it accepts it.

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Now, I’ve removed the class, and the disabled option and still no luck.

Is it just showing an ‘X’ beside that step?

So, I did what you said,

and it told me I had the <label id=“dropdown”…> as well as <select id=“dropdown”…>

So, I changed the label id to “drop” and it passed. Whew! Thank you so much.

Ohhhhh okay! Yeah when all else fails, copy, paste and question it. I’m glad it helped and that you passed it!!! Congrats and on that note, bed time for this guy! You got this. :muscle:

Also, this is an example of being careful with choosing your names for things, can easily screw stuff up lol.

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