Not passing the test for Technical Documentation

Hi, can someone help look over my project. It seems like fulfill all the requirements and reacts as it suppose to but it is not passing 2 storylines.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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You have 8 sections but 10 elements in your nav-bar. So you have two nav-bar elements that don’t line up with sections in your main area.

Fix that and poof! Works! :slight_smile:

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I added the 2 sections, but the media query is still not passing but the page behaves as it should.

It passes for me. Maybe try refreshing your browser or opening up it fresh?

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I retried on Chrome but it didn’t work but then Firefox worked. Have you experienced this?

Thanks for the help.

I’m curious, where did find that fcc testing script? I’ve never seen it before. Neat tool!

It’s included in the codepen forks of the projects.

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I always just focused on the User Story parts. Good to know, thanks!

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