Not to brag but i created a number to Roman numerals converter

so one of the fcc final projects for the javascript course, is to Roman numerals converter.
i came across a similar project task on codewars , it asks for a class that convert from and to roman numerals, i got half the project done(the to roman converter part - full class), and i remembered that the fcc requests the project to be done, so i got one in the bag for the futur.
if that project is the hardest of the fcc javascript course projects, i’m relaxed.
so another thanx to you for the push you offered here.

classes and prototypes used to be fancy words i heared people on interenet talking about it and i felt like i know nothing, now i can understand them well, unless there is more to it than what’s offered here+internet, i’m ready for more any way.


Keep up the good work!


Hi @razouck1 !

Welcome to the forum!

freeCodeCamp is a supportive community for developers at all stages of their learning.
It is best to celebrate people’s wins throughout their journey.

Making comments of “its not that hard” isn’t that productive or helpful :slight_smile:

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@razouck1 Take it easy man!!
Everyone starts somewhere…

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Thanx for the support guys.

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