Not using an arrow function - Functional Programming: Use the map Method to Extract Data from an Array

For this problem:

Does this not fit the solution description?

var rating = (x) {
    var myTitle = x.Title;
    var myRating = x.imdbRating;
    return {myTitle,myRating}

I have a code pen of it here:

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Says it fails on the last requirement:

rating should equal [{"title":"Inception","rating":"8.8"},{"title":"Interstellar","rating":"8.6"},{"title":"The Dark Knight","rating":"9.0"},{"title":"Batman Begins","rating":"8.3"},{"title":"Avatar","rating":"7.9"}].
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The objects should have properties named title and rating instead of myTitle and myRating.

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Thank you. I was too focused on the value side to notice that this morning. :frowning: