Nothing beneath Main Tag is Showing!

I am working on my Project Landing project and I want to add a footer on the bottom beneath the main tag. My footer was not displaying so I decided to write a simple

and even thats not showing! I am flustered to why anything I type below the main tag won’t show up on the webpage. I would appreciate if someone can help me out.


Hi @asmakhan, the issue might be that your select input element doesn’t have a closing tag after all the options.

Also, but it is unrelated, you have some id that gets repeated in more than one element and the images don’t have alt attributes.
Codepen gives you an option (in the html tab) to analyse the html code to see for potential mistakes.

Thank you so much for the reply! I closed my input element and it is working fine now. Also, thanks for the extra tip; I will analyze the html code.