NPM build command failing?

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday if you celebrate anything :slight_smile:

I am working through a tutorial on Ben Awad’s channel and at this part of the video,

Two questions that are testing me at this point. The first is more of a gripe than a blocker—here in the video, he has a watch command running tsc -w that creates a dist directory. He is receiving an error from the console in his index.ts file

And yet you can see the error complaining here a few seconds later in the tutorial:

Yet he bypasses this error by restarting his server and doing yarn watch again?

The blocker for me, has been the command immediately after that, yarn dev, which should be reading from the dist directory that I have mentioned before. Running nodemon on the parsed ts file into js.
Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 3.52.53 PM

However, when I now do my dev command, I get the module not found error because I don’t have the index.js directly within my distdirectory. If we look at his code:

His index.ts is within the src directory. How does this work for him where I have the same setup? His setup has worked for the last 6 hours of this tutorial (albeit 4 months ago—now picking this project back up after contracting.)

Even if moving the index.ts file out of the directory and running the dev command to hit the file, I still get this error from Redis (after the SQL is run — confirmed by PGAdmin and the columns being populated within):

Any guidance on this is really appreciated. Thanks!