Npx create react app error?

when I try to create new project with npx create-react-app markdown-p I got this error.

Looking on the internet. I saw this as a possible solution:

npx npmc@latest install

I highly recommend not to use packages with version x.0.0.
Here you even use create-react-app X.0.0 and a very new react and react-dom version.

I would wait for the first patches (X.0.1) or even minor releases (X.1.0).

If it is urgent, I would use the old major release and convert it later. Especially the new react has no new features, so no need to update asap.

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It seems like this error can happen for a multitude of different reasons (different systems, different commands).

If you have create-react-app installed globally, I would suggest you uninstall it and try checking the npm cache.

npm uninstall -g create-react-app

npm cache verify

If that doesn’t work you can try forcefully clearing the cache, but that supposedly should not be necessary.

npm cache clean --force

Hii, is that react 4.0.0 version ?

It’s create-react-app 4.0.0,
react and react-dom are at 17.0.x