Need help in creating react app

I am getting the following error when i try to create react app.

I did run npm audit fix after that… but it says “1 vulnerability requires manual review. See the full report for details.”

when i run npm audit
Low Prototype Pollution msg is displayed

Plzz help

Hi Abdul. There doesnt seem to be a problem here… Warnings dont stop you from using create react app. Obviously, before you deploy your app you should thoroughly check the warnings

hey @WAINGOR, after getting that npm audit fix warning i terminated the script with ctrl+c.
Just want to know weather the react app is created?? coz i cant find “start” in package.json dependency file

I see that you are using npx. In that case to be sure just run npx install again (I think thats the installation command from what I remember) and then just let it finish without exitting . Then just go npx start and it should work