1 vulnerability requires manual review in ReactJS

 === npm audit security report ===                        

                                 Manual Review                                  
             Some vulnerabilities require your attention to resolve             
          Visit https://go.npm.me/audit-guide for additional guidance           

  Low             Prototype Pollution                                           

  Package         yargs-parser                                                  

  Patched in      >=13.1.2 <14.0.0 || >=15.0.1 <16.0.0 || >=18.1.2              

  Dependency of   react-scripts                                                 

  Path            react-scripts > webpack-dev-server > yargs > yargs-parser     

  More info       https://npmjs.com/advisories/1500                             

found 1 low severity vulnerability in 1860 scanned packages
  1 vulnerability requires manual review. See the full report for details.

Kindly help me guys

i have reinstalled it
I used npm audit fix --force
even i used npm no audit
but still it is not working

I have completed the project
to upload in github
The vulnerability is showing

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I have same problem…did u got any ans?


This is likely the same poster, and the answer is basically:

Nothing much you can/should do about it. Upgrade the package, when you can.

Hope this helps

How to upgrade the package can u help me?