Npx create-react-app my-app problem

I was doing an exercise where I had to install webpack and other pakcages separated to manually add react to a project but now I can’t run npm start when I do an npx create-react-app my-app I think I must remove those babel-loader from the image, one is installed on dev dependencies, what are the comands to remove those?.

To remove a package you installed, you can run npm remove babel-loader

is not working, is there a way to reset all packages from npm? I tried reinstalling Node.js but had no luck.

I founded the answer in StackOverflow but thanks here anyway, I’ll leave the link below in case sombody is having trouble with this thanks!! :slight_smile:

the command I posted before was working for me, near as I can figure it is just another way of issuing the uninstall command, though I supose uninstall does make a bit more sense.