NUMBER GAME (Javascript)

a simple game where the user is asked to input a number and then 3 random numbers will be generated on the screen for the user to click.
Can anyone help me with the project? The start button should regenerate a new game i.e. on click of the start button, 3 new random integers should begin again on the loop.

Can you describe the rules of the game, I don’t think I understand completely.

  1. Click start
  2. Enter number
  3. 3 numbers appear on screen
  4. Click on number that you entered in step 2? (what happens if it’s not a possible selection?)

The user has to click on the number that was
previously chosen(entered by the user) to win 1 point. If the user clicks on the wrong number, then 1 point is deducted.(negative marking is there).
Therefore, the game score can become negative if the user clicks on many wrong numbers.
When the user clicks on the button “Stop Game”, then the game is stopped. The screen must be
remain the same with the chosen number, the current score, the last 3 random numbers
When the user clicks on the “Start Game”, then a new game is generated. A prompt window
appears and asks the user to choose a new number. And then the score will be reset to 0.
After finishing one round of the game, and then clicking the start button, my 3 random numbers stop generating. need help with that.

Found the solution to the problem. One of my friend helped me. Now you can play the game.
Just enter a number between 0-9 and then 3 numbers at the speed of 1 second between 0-9 will be generated. Click on that number you input.
For every right click there is +1 point or else -1 for wrong click.

Any feedback will be appreciated.