Number Guessing Game - Build a Number Guessing Game

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i’ve compelted my project but when i run codeRoad it failed all my step include first step ‘Enter your username:’.

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Challenge: Number Guessing Game - Build a Number Guessing Game

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Hi, do you still have this issue now?

I also face the same one, even though when I test my code it actually already fulfilled those steps related to entering username. Here’s the screenshot:

I’ve tried to restart & re-run the CodeAlly VM, still no luck 'till now. But the same code works fine and passed completely when I run & test it locally via Docker & VSCode

So, I guess maybe there’s some issue with the VM?

Did it allow you to upload the link? mine still says that i haven’t completed the task. if so,
how long did you have to wait?

I had the same problem, but I fixed it by fixing hidden issues with my code (wrong variable names, issues with regular expression). I suppose this test case also tries to update fields in your users table and the test fails if it is not able to do it.