Number Guessing - so close!

OK down to my last test for the course, yay!

Anyway, I just need to pass the test for the output if the secret number is guessed. I have the echo statement after a loop that I use to check the guess and provide the hint. I even tried throwing an if statement around it in case that would help. :man_shrugging: Anyone willing to take a look and see what I have overlooked? Included screen shot and GIT repository with & .sql.

Thanks in advance.

If everything else works, try removing the \n in your output line.

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried but no dice. I also tied putting it in the loop and at the beginning in case of a lucky first guess. (I prompt first for a guess outside the loop initially because it seemed to help the other tests pass). Still no luck.

I did start trying to put together a script that will guess - still working on that but figure I can play against a CPU when I’m done. :smiley:

There’s typo, it should be Nice job!

Thank you for pointing that out. I have been cut/pasting outputs and instructions into a text editor so I can compare them right next to each other. Maybe I’ll try picking a different font to see if that helps more. I appreciate your time - off to collect my certificate!