Odd navigation issue Firefox vs Chrome while doing tutorials

I’m working on the tutorials. Right now I’m on “turn an image into a link”.
I was doing this in Firefox. Then I decided to switch to Chrome. I logged in. But could not for the life of me find my place. In fact I couldn’t get to Tutorials at all.
In Firefox I had Map, Chat, Forum, About, Shop. My navigation abilities may be questionable. I keep looking for “Map” which is what I had hoped to find at the top but to no avail.
Not until I copied the URL from my firefox window to Chrome could I find my way. Again I apologize, this may be a weakness on my part and not the layout of freeCodeCamp.

I just wanted to get to this page:

oh…and now I notice that my ‘map’ has not retained my progress. Perhaps a browser issue when I go from Firefox to Chrome?

Hey, no idea about the navigation. AFAK progress is saved locally by your browser. So if you change browser your progress will not show up there. All your completed solutions are available on: https://www.freecodecamp.com/8lackie

Thanks for your attention. I guess it could be a cache issue. As I look at the top of this page all I have is my icon, then to the left 3 horiz. lines followed by a magnifying glass. Getting to /8lackie was quite annoying.

Thanks for you parsing of my problem, and THAT is the rub. While in forums I could not find my way to my navigation, which of course I recognize as a user issue more than not. Thanks again.