Onclick new window?

How to make this code open a new window:

<! --- 
<button class="button" onclick="window.location.href='https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/michaelkiger';">Contact Owner</button>

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  1. You must use <!-- --> just for HTML comments

  2. You don’t use HTML comment tags correctly. You must write <!-- --> instead of
    <! --- --->

If clicking something navigates user from the page it should be an anchor tag (<a>). Buttons are for actions on the page.

Yes, usually it would be in an anchor tag. This application of the button class with the url does work. It goes to the url ‘onclick’ but it does not open in a new window. I tried using target=_blank to no avail… this is part of a css style sheet. I am hoping to avoid re-writing half the style sheet just to make it open in a new window ‘onclick’ :slight_smile:

Because target=__blank is for anchor tag.
For window it’s window.open(url).
Nevertheless, it still should be an anchor tag.

Ty, however I did try window.open… maybe I did not have the syntax correct for the entire line of code… will try again and let you know.

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