One last help and my project is done

in the exampel below i have a p tag where i can type with my keyboard and it shows the key i typed:

        text-align: center;
        background-color: black;
        color:rgb(0, 0, 0);
        font-size: 30px;
        background-color: white;
      <p id="text1" onclick="changer1()">text1</p>
      <p id="text2" onclick="changer2()">text2</p>
      <p id="text3" >text2</p>

        function changer1(){
            window.addEventListener('keydown', function letter(event1){
                document.getElementById('text1').innerHTML = event1.key;
        function changer2(){
            window.addEventListener('keydown', function letter(event2){
                document.getElementById('text2').innerHTML = event2.key;
            window.addEventListener('keydown', function letter3(event3){
                document.getElementById('text3').innerHTML = event3.key;


my problem is this: i want only letters to be typed on, no other keys should work except letter keys, maybe enter and backspace, but tha’s it.
i found the event.preventDefault() i don’t know how to use it.
thanks for your help.

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