One-time donation via card

I would love the option to make one-time donations via card.

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If you’d prefer to use a credit card to make a one-time donation, here are some quick links you can use. Just click the “checkout” button and you can input your information securely into Stripe (only they will see your credit card information):


Thank you. Will this also remove the donation pop-ups?

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That I am not sure. I know it does if you do monthly, but maybe another @moderators who is more familiar can answer this


Ok thanks. It would be great if it would be turned off for a few months? Or the time based on the amount donated?


I dont see a one time donation disabling the popups for a few months. One of the monthly advantages is it gets rid of the pop up, but if someone stopped paying monthly then obviously they would not still get the advantage of the pop up now showing. If the one time donation did actually get rid of the popups I would think it would be the same as if you were paying monthly so only for a month. Or, if you were to give $20 it could add up to four months of the monthly donation, and the popups would be disabled for that duration. Again, I dont know how the one time donation works so take everything I say here with a grain of salt. Someone who knows better might be able to set everything straight


Hello there,

I am still confirming, but my current understanding is:

  • One-time donations do remove the pop-up modal
  • Depending on the method you donate, if you want your account marked as isDonor, you should email your donation receipt to, and this can be arranged

Link to one-time donations:

I will try check back once I have confirmed this for you.


Hello @ERP !

My experience is that when I made a one time donation, I no longer had the donation pop-up.

If, however, it is still appearing after the donation has been processed, it is possible to reach out to and they can fix the problem.

Through not fault of freeCodeCamp. org, I had the privilege of receiving help through the email. I had changed my information and it did not match with the donation.

I am now a monthly supporter.

Hope this helps you!

Happy coding!


Thank you for considering to donate to freeCodeCamp.

If you would like to make a one time donation, please send your receipt to from the same email you use for freeCodeCamp and our support team will adjust your account accordingly.

As we are focusing on the subscription model moving forward, I encourage you to donate through the donate page (while signed in) and cancel when needed.